Zuo-guang Ye

Professor, Joint Affiliations with 4D Labs

Areas of interest

Solid State Materials


  • B.Sc. - Hefei Polytechnic University
  • Ph.D. - Université de Bordeaux

Lab Information


Solid State Materials Chemistry

dielectric, piezo- and ferroelectric materials; relaxor ferroelectricity; magnetoelectric materials; solid state synthesis, single crystal growth and soft chemistry preparation; phase transitions and critical behavior; domain structures and properties; broadband dielectric and impedance spectroscopy; structure-property relations; sensors and actuators, materials for solid oxide fuel cells.

Research Interests

  • Synthesis by various techniques and characterization of the structural and physical properties of:
  • Relaxor-based piezo-/ferroelectric single crystals for applications in the next generation of electromechanical transducers;
  • Ferroelectric materials for non-volatile random access memories (FeRAM);
  • Crystalline oxides (thin or thick films) on Si and gate dielectrics in microelectronics;
  • Magnetically ordered ferroelectric/ferroelastic materials for sensor and actuators.
  • Materials for solid oxide fuel cells.


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