Fall 2022 Graduate Poster Competition Winners

November 04, 2022

A message from Tim Storr, Chemistry Graduate Program Chair

Dear all-

Many thanks to all the presenters, judges, and participants who made the annual poster competition a fantastic event! It was great to see all the cutting-edge research in our department. A special thanks to Erin Lee for putting the event together.

Our judges reported that this year was an exceptionally strong competition. Based on the quality of the poster presentations the DGSC has decided to award 11 Travel and Minor Research Awards of $1000. It is my great pleasure to announce the 2022 Poster Competition Winners:

  • Scheryn Lawson (Leznoff/Warren)
  • Daniel Driedger (Britton)
  • Franklin Egemole (Holdcroft)
  • Imma Carbo Bague (Ramogida)
  • Ana Sonea (Warren)
  • Kalvin Kwan (Storr)
  • Gregory MacNeil (Walsby)
  • Cohan Huxley (Britton)
  • Parmissa Randhawa (Ramogida)
  • Jasleen Kaur (Kaake)
  • Matthew Siebert (Holdcroft)

Please join me in congratulating them for their excellent contributions!

Best regards,

Tim - on behalf of the DGSC