Summer 2022 Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards

September 01, 2022

A message from Evon Khor, Chemistry Undergraduate Advisor

Dear All,

I have the pleasure of announcing the following students who have won the Summer 2022 Chemistry Undergraduate Presentation Awards for their work presented Thursday August 18th and Friday August 19th. Monetary prizes in the amount of $250 (or contribution of $500 toward travel and conference expenses) will be awarded to the research award winners.

Taylor Filewood presented her CHEM 484 work titled "Zeolite Nanoparticle and Nanosheet Synthesis for Future Use in Desalination Processes" (supervisors: Dr. Byron Gates & Dr. George Agnes). 

Yejin Hailey Park presented her VPR USRA work titled "C4 Alkylamine Modification of Nucleoside Analogues" (supervisor: Dr. Robert Britton). 

Myles Peeters presented his NSERC USRA work titled "Spectroscopic Analysis of the Speciation of Casiopeina III Complexes" (supervisor: Dr. Charles Walsby). 

Mariya Konovalova presented her NSERC USRA work titled "Various Studies of Hydrophobicity Using Silanized Superhydrophobic Cotton Fabric" (supervisor: Dr. Hogan Yu). 

Brendan VanSpall presented his CHEM 481 work titled "Synthesis and Characterization of Piezo- and Ferroelectric Ceramics of a Novel Ternary Solid Solution" (supervisor: Dr. Zuo-Guang Ye). 

Rebecca Gerber presented her NSERC USRA work titled "Developing the Production of 18F via Neutron Double Knockout: A Potential Low-cost, Cyclotronless Alternative" (supervisor: Dr. Krzysztof Starosta). 

Excellent work to all of our presenters!