HTML Component

The HTML component is used for inserting small snippets of code for unique functionality. This allows you to embed external web applications such as Twitter feeds and YouTube videos, etc. on to your page.

Our advanced authoring page provides a step by step process on using the HTML Component.

The External Feed Component is used for displaying feeds (such as blog rolls, and certain calendar events).

Note, the HTML component is only intended for code snippets, and there is a 4000 character limit on the HTML component to make it easier to maintain.

Tip: To see what your page actually looks like, you need to click on the preview button, and then you need to refresh your browser.

Horizontal template

Style changes in the HTML component in the horizontal template are not available to ensure consistent user experience across all SFU websites. Please contact Communications & Marketing to discuss other options.

Example of HTML Component Usage

Using HTML Component for Alerts in CLF4

In CLF4, instead of Alert Box use an HTML component.

1. To enable the alert, drop the HTML component on to the page and add the following code:

<div class="alert-box section">
<a href="<relative path to alert page>" class="sfu-popup alert"></a>

For example:

<div class="alert-box section">
<a href="content/sfu/cms.html" class="sfu-popup alert"></a>

2. To disable the alert, remove the word "alert" from the HTML component so it reads:

<div class="alert-box section">
<a href="content/sfu/cms.html" class="sfu-popup"></a>