Date Field Component

When it should be used?

Use this component when you need to gather specified date or date and time information from the sender. This is useful for retrieving times for availability, events, and appointments.

By default, the Date Field component only allow a sender to specify a date. To also allow a sender to specify a time, open the component's properties and enable the Include Time option.

In-Component Editing Options


Title - A required field that appears at the top of the component. It should concisely describe the type of value the component is expecting. Common titles for this component include "Date" and "Date and Time".

Name - Used by the form owner to identify and organize form data. It is automatically generated from the Title field.

Description - Description that appears at the bottom of the component.

CSS Class - Allows you to provide an optional class name that will apply a style to the contents.

Initial Values - Choose a date that you want the component to start with. If left empty, it will show today's date.

Include Time - Check this box to allow a sender to specify a time.


Required - Check this box to make this a required field.

Required Message - This is the message that will display when a required field is not completed. If left empty, it will show the default required message.

Example of a Date Field Component