Image Gallery Component

The Image Gallery component allows you to quickly create an image gallery or slideshow. Once setup, it will generate a slideshow or a collection of thumbnails from the images in a single DAM folder. When a thumbnail is clicked, the image viewer changes to display the selected picture.

A tutorial on using the Image Gallery component is available here.

When should it be used?

Use the Image Gallery component to display a collection of related images on a page. This component can display images as a simple slideshow and is especially useful in image gallery display mode to show large groups of images because it will display the images as a grid of thumbnails.

Image Gallery component options

Image Folder - Navigate to the folder in the DAM containing the images for the gallery.

Display Type - Choose between Image Gallery or Slideshow display mode.

CSS class - Provide an optional class name applied to the wrapper <div> element.

Show caption - Displays caption sourced from the description field of an image. To add a caption to an image, locate it in the DAM, double-click the image to edit its properties, and add the caption to the Description field. Click "Save" when you've finished.

Example of an Image Gallery component usage in CLF2 (Slideshow display)

Slideshow display option

The Slideshow option is a feature that screens rotating images on your page, without necessary links (as the carousel component needs).

Slideshow Options

Play Speed - Sets the speed of the slideshow cycle.

Transition Time - Sets the duration of the animation.

Randomize - Randomizes the slide order when checked.

Image Gallery display option

The Image Gallery option displays thumbnails of the images on the page below the larger image. Users can click on the thumbnails to display specific images.

The CLF4 template uses a new Image Gallery component. To view the Image Gallery and Slideshow options, visit the New Image Gallery component page.