External Video Component

The External Video component simplifies the process of displaying externally hosted videos on your AEM page. YouTube and Vimeo videos can be displayed without requiring knowledge of HTML.

When should it be used?

Use the External Video component to display a YouTube or Vimeo video on your website. Use the HTML Component for other video types.

Basic Options


Automatic - sets a maximum width based on the maximum size of its container.

Small, Medium, Large - sets a maximum pixel value width regardless of its container.

Custom - used for videos that do not follow the standard widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Width and Height entered in this field is used to define the maximum width and height for the video. The height will adjust itself in proportion to the defined width if no value is specified.

Note: video size changes takes effect after a page refresh.

In CLF4, regardless of the chosen size, the video will stretch to the full width of the container it's in. To limit the size of your video, place the component in a Column Control Component.

Additional Options

YouTube Options

Use HTTPS - Uses a secure connection when loading the video.

Suggest Videos - Shows related videos when the video ends.

Autoplay - Plays the video as soon as the page is viewed.

Vimeo Options

Autoplay - Plays the video as soon as the page is viewed.

Loop - Repeats the video when it ends.


CSS Class - Enter an optional CSS Style, such as deptNews.

Example of External Video component usage

This example is built using the External Video component to display a YouTube video. The size has been set to automatic, Suggest Videos option turned off, and no CSS Class was entered.