Title Component

The Title component allows you to insert the title of the page as a header.

You may also edit the text within the Title component if you wish.  However, once you have made changes to the Title component text, it will no longer inherit future changes to the actual page title.

There are two editing options:  In-Place Editing (click twice slowly to activate green editing area) and In-Component Editing (double click to activate dialogue box).

When should it be used?

Use a Title component whenever you need to insert the title of the page as a header (e.g., at the top of the page).

In-Component Editing Options

Title - The text that appears in the title (leave blank to use the page title)

Type/Size - The size and style of the text that appears in the component

Example of Title component usage

The first example demonstrates the usage of a Title component without any modifications to the text.  The second demonstrates a Title component with the text edited.

Title Component

This is a title component with text edits