Show Tags Component

The Show Tags component allows you to insert the tag/s of the page as a header. The tag displayed is the primary one listed within Page Properties in Tags/Keywords.

You may also edit the text displayed if you wish, overriding the first tag in Page Properties. If the Show Tags component is inserted onto a page without entering a tag in the Page Properties, the Show Tags component will by default display the word 'Category'.

When should it be used?

There are a few main uses of tags. News articles may be marked with a type of news such as 'Students', 'Community', 'Research', 'Events', etc. Photos or pictures can also be tagged to help sort them into what they are pictures of, what the mood is, its setting, primary colours, etc.

This is just a sample of ideas you may use the Show Tags component for; you can use them as much or as little as you wish.

Toolbar Options

Tag: Fill in to change what is displayed by the Tag for that instance of the component.

Type/Size: Set to Large or Small (large is the default)

Example of Tag component usage

The tag of this page has been set to 'CMS' in Page Properties because this article is Content Management System related.


Below is the Show Tags component, size Large:



Below this is the Show Tags component, shown in size small (notice that it looks the same as paragraph text):



Finally, the tag shown in large size with the CMS category overridden in the toolbar options to display 'AEM' instead: