Search Component

The Search component allows you to insert a search field on your AEM page.  You can define the scope of the search to look for pages in a particular area of your site.

When should it be used?

Use the Search component in conjunction with the Search Widget component. The Search page serves as a 'results page' for your Search Widget.

Note: You should not use the Search Component to allow your visitors to search your entire site. A site-specific search box is included automatically on the top-right corner of every page for that purpose.

In-Component Editing Options

Path to search in - Allows you to define the scope of your search. This field is mandatory

Search button text - The name displayed on the actual search button

Statistics text - The text displayed above the search results (e.g., "Results 1 - 10")

No results text - If there are no results, the text entered here is displayed

Spellcheck text - If someone enters a similar term, this text is displayed before the term (e.g., "Did you mean")

Similar pages text - The text that is displayed next to a result for similar pages. Click this link to see pages that have similar content

Related searches text - The text that appears next to searches for related terms and topics

Search trends text - The title above the search terms entered by visitor

Results page text - The text that appears at the bottom of the list of results with links to other results pages

Previous label - The text label for the link to previous search result pages

Next label - The text label for the link to subsequent search result pages

Example of Search component usage