Searches for Deans are conducted by the Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost. Read information regarding executive searches for Deans and other senior academic and administrative appointments on the Vice-President, Academic's website.  

Responsibilities of Deans of Faculties

  1. The Dean shall be responsible to the Vice-President, Academic for the administration of the Faculty and shall exercise the responsibilities of Faculty Dean in accordance with the policies and procedures of the University.
  2. The Dean shall chair the Faculty in accordance with the powers and duties laid out in the University Act. The Dean is expected to maintain the confidence of the Faculty.
  3. The Dean shall chair a committee of Chairs in the Faculty. It is the Dean's responsibility to consult with the Chairs on the development of policies and general directions for the University, and to provide the University Administration with the views of the departments on issues and plans.
  4. The Dean shall develop a budget for the administration of the Faculty which conforms with University practices and shall be responsible for ensuring that the budget is expended in keeping with the general objectives towards which the budget was developed.
  5. The Dean shall maintain links between the Faculty and other Faculties and with the Deans of Graduate Studies and Continuing Studies. The Dean shall also establish and maintain links with other institutions and academic bodies, both provincial and national.
  6. The Dean shall support curriculum development and the initiation and development of new undergraduate and graduate programs in line with the University's overall programming objectives.
  7. High standards of teaching, methods of evaluating teaching effectiveness and grading practices shall be encouraged by the Dean.
  8. The Dean shall foster and encourage research within the Faculty.
  9. The Dean's position is a highly responsible one, requiring full-time attention. Nevertheless, Deans should maintain contact with their discipline during the term of office.
  10. The Dean shall serve on Senate and other University Committees as required and shall report to the official bodies of the University and to University administrative officers on academic and administrative developments relating to the Faculty. The Dean shall carry out such other duties as may be assigned by University bodies, the President, and the Vice-President, Academic. 

Those holding an appointment as Dean or acting Dean are excluded from the SFU Faculty Association for the period of their administrative appointment.