Procedures for Appointment

51.35 The Chair will consult with the Members of the Department on the nomination of an Associate Chair/Director.

51.36 There will be a ratification vote and a recommendation may proceed to conclusion when a nominee has been approved by more than 50% of those voting.

51.37 The term of appointment will be determined by the Dean and will not exceed three years.


51.38 The Chair will determine the duties of the Associate Chair in consultation with the Dean.


51.39 Associate Chairs will be remunerated as per Policy A 13.04 until otherwise agreed by the Parties.

51.40 Associate Chairs/Directors may receive reduction in their teaching assignment, internal research grants, and/or research leave depending on the administrative complexity of the unit as determined by the Dean. These terms will be included in the letter of appointment to the administrative position.

Appointment of Acting Associate Chair

51.41 The appointment of an Acting Associate Chair will follow the same rules as appointment of Acting Chairs above (51.22).

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