The Role of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

The primary role of the faculty teaching fellow is to support the continued improvement of teaching and learning within the faculty. They will work to help address the challenges that instructors face and to communicate solutions across the Faculty, as well as to provide a channel of communication between the Faculty and higher administrative units that focus on teaching.

Procedures for Appointment

Each Faculty may appoint as many Faculty Teaching Fellows as it deems necessary. However, the VPA will fund up to one FTF position per Faculty where the CFL FTE is 150 or less. Larger Faculties (> 150 CFL FTEs) may request additional VPA funding for a second FTF. No more than two FTFs per Faculty will be funded by the VPA. The funding will be $15,000 per FTF per annum, to cover both compensation and some operating costs.

The Dean will develop a process for selection of FTFs that is transparent and provides opportunities for all interested individuals to apply. The criteria and process for selection of an FTF will be stated clearly before an appointment process commences.

Initially an FTF may be appointed for up to three years. An FTF may be reappointed for a subsequent term following a performance review conducted by the Dean. The Dean is expected to provide appropriate support for an FTF. FTFs may be selected from individuals appointed to continuing tenure-track and lecture faculty positions.

Deans will assign the workload (after consultation with Chairs and Directors in departmentalized faculties) and compensation of an FTF. This may include some release from normal teaching duties. All FTFs will receive a stipend that is the equivalent of an Overload Teaching Contract responsible for the preparation of a four contact hour course, per annum.

Appointment recommendations will be approved by the Vice-President, Academic.

Nomination packages deadline and components

Packages are due to Faculty Relations by May 27, 2022. In this package, include the memo from the Dean -- with require components:

  • Brief description of the appointment process
  • Name of the FTF's reporting supervisor
  • Account number to credit with funds

Please also provide the candidate's proposal.

Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.