Adjunct Professors and Associate Members

Adjunct Professors/Adjunct Professors of Clinical Practice

Distinguished, qualified persons whose professional work leads them into a close working association or a community of professional interest with the research or other academic pursuits of some faculty members or of an academic unit at the University may be appointed as Adjunct Professors/Adjunct Professors of Clinical Practice.

The title Adjunct Professor of Clinical Practice is reserved primarily for individuals in the health sciences and other disciplines having clinical practices, and who are engaged in instruction and/or supervision of students, typically in a clinical setting. Appointees are expected to be persons employed outside the University and to have a professional status in their field.

Associate Members

Associate Members are persons of substantial expertise and/or academic qualification in the discipline of the Faculty or Department to which they are attached and who simultaneously hold a continuing position at the University, either on its faculty or staff. An appointment as Associate Member does not confer faculty status.