University Research Associates

The position of University Research Associate is intended primarily to be a full-time research position for a person having academic qualifications similar to those required for appointment to the faculty. The individual may attain project tenure but continuation of the position will be dependent upon the availability of funds.

Procedures for Appointment

Any Faculty or department may propose the creation of a University Research Associateship and forward a recommendation to the Dean. A major requirement for the creation of this position is that funds to cover salary, benefits, and relocation costs be available either from an external institution (e.g. TRIUMF), from University administered funds (such as NSERC grants), or from University funds.

Adequate funds for a position must be available for at least the first two years and where an appointment will be made for three years, funds must be available for three years. A faculty member will be responsible as Supervisor for the work carried out by such an appointee. Where the funding is administered by an external institution the Supervisor will be expected to liaise with the director of that agency during the appointment of the individual.

A University Research Associate position will be created when established by the Dean.