Intent of the Requirement

As part of our efforts to maintain the academic integrity of the university, we request proof of degree completion from all faculty members. We require only proof of the highest degree conferred upon the faculty member. Documents should be included in the appointment package and must be received prior to the start of the appointment.  Please note that the offer letter will not be sent to the candidate until the proof of degree (in the form of accepted documentation detailed below) has been received by Faculty Relations.

Accepted Documentation

The following options are accepted by Faculty Relations; the Faculty may use their discretion as to what they request from the faculty member:

  • An original transcript sent directly from degree-granting institution to the hiring unit at SFU**
  • University degree confirmation service (from degree-granting institution)
  • Third party degree confirmation service (e.g. AuraData, CeCredential Trust, Parchment, Student Clearinghouse, World Education Services)
  • A letter of completion can be requested from the institution’s central office of student records, but must be sent directly to the Dean's or School/Department office contact**

**include documentation that the institution sent the transcripts/letters directly to the hiring unit (i.e. email, recipient address... etc). 

Current SFU Students/Graduates

We will accept an unofficial transcript from the SIS database for current students and SFU graduates whose highest degree is from SFU. They must be printed by the Department/School or Faculty requesting them (as only employees with permission to access the database can do so).

The Department/School or Faculty should only access unofficial transcripts after getting consent in writing from the faculty member. "In writing" can be an email, as long as it contains the following 3 elements:

  • identify the personal information in question (unofficial transcript)
  • identify to whom the personal information will be disclosed (administrator)
  • identify how the information will be used (to verify top-most degree attained)

The Department/School or Faculty must retain a copy of the email for future reference. The email can be printed out and added to a paper file, or it can be maintained in electronic form. Either way, it must be reproducible at a future date. Please provide a copy of the email to Faculty Relations.

For PhD candidates or Master's candidates/students who have not yet convocated, we will accept an interim letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Once convocation is confirmed, the Department/Dean's Office must obtain and submit proof of degree to Faculty Relations. 

Returning Faculty

For Limited Terms who have had prior appointment(s), and transcripts were not requested/received, transcripts will need to be requested prior to the commencement of their next appointment. 

Please have the document(s) directed to your Dean's or Chair's/Director's office and send along with the appointment package.

Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.