Student Systems Portfolio Planning Committee

SS PPC Process

Reporting to the AVPSI and CIO, the Student Systems Portfolio Planning Committee (SS-PPC) will assessprioritize, and schedule change requests related to goSFU (SIMS) and any other student-related systems to achieve optimal impact for students and other stakeholders. This process will remain as the permanent process for student systems sustainment.

Each Change Request will follow the general steps outlined below:

  • A business area user identifies the need for a new system, or a modification to an existing system, and brings it to their PPC representative.
  • If the request is approved to move ahead at this time, the PPC representative works with the business area user to fill out a Change Request Form which is forwarded by the PPC representative to the Student Systems Portfolio Manager.
  • The request is then reviewed by IT Services staff and estimates for the work are provided. Large, complex requests will require the development of a project charter. If this is the case for your request, the Portfolio Manager will advise you of the appropriate next steps.
  • The SS-PPC reviews the request and, if approved, will prioritize and schedule the work. Items that require the approval of additional funds and resources are escalated to the appropriate committee.

Student Systems PPC Representatives

The committee is comprised of representatives from a number of faculties and departments, including:

  • Student Services
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Institutional Research and Planning
  • IT Services
  • Academic Faculties

If you are not sure who your committee representative is, please contact