Phone options & costs

Phone service options

Add-on options

  • Voice mail
  • Long distance telephone services
  • Voice conferencing services (Telus and Primus)
  • Extension for on-campus desktop telephone service
  • Extension for TeleWorker serivces (non DID)


On-campus desktop telephone (landlines)

Installation or move $50 per phone line
Programming changes $25 per month
Monthly fee (Single-line) $29 per month
Monthly fee (Multi-line) $58 per month
Extension for on-campus desktop telephone service $2.75 per month

Off-campus desktop telephone (TeleWorker)

TeleWorker telephone service $29 per month
Extension for TeleWorker telephone services (Non DID) $9 per month

Softphones (Mitel)

Standard softphone client $35 per month

Premium softphone client extended, including softphone client on mobile device(s) and IP/TeleWorker phone set.

$50 per month

Add-on services

Voice mail $2 per month
Long distance service Contact us for usage rate
Voice conferencing service (Telus and Primus) Contact us for usage rate