Data Security FAQ

Where is my data stored?

The data stored on SFU vault is hosted in the SFU data centres located in Burnaby, BC and connected to the SFU network. This meets the data residency requirements of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Members of the SFU community are reminded to share personally identifiable information only as permitted under FIPPA.

More information on the relevant provincial laws and regulations can be found on the official Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act site.

How can I encrypt my data on SFU vault?

The data in transit to the SFU vault servers is encrypted using SSL. The data at rest is un-encrypted. In the future release of SFU vault we will offer encryption as an option in individual accounts.

Does a backup/restore of my files exist?

No, the user is responsible for the backup of his/her data, there is no backup that can be restored on the user level.

A restore option is available when an item is selected from inside the "Deleted files" section of the web client. Files will be deleted automatically when there is no more quota in the recycle bin.