General FAQ

Who can use SFU vault?

Anyone with a valid SFU computing ID can use SFU vault.

How much space do I get with SFU vault?

SFU provides 50 gigabytes of space to each account set up in the vault.

Can I get more storage space?

Due to the recent changes to licensing, it's no longer possible to increase your quota.

Can I connect through WebDAV?

Due to the file locking mechanism changed in ownCloud version 8, some clients will connect in read-only mode (ex. Mac OS X Finder).

The WebDAV address is:

Use your SFU Connect login credentials. Under Windows, make sure that the service WebClient is started, otherwise WebDAV does not work properly

When mounting through WebDAV I get a "302 Found" Error, why?

Make sure you use "https:" and not just "http:" when connecting through WebDAV to

Is there a Windows mobile client?

No, there isn't. With your Windows mobile device, you'd have to use the web client through your browser.

Which server name do I have to enter if I want to use the native ownCloud client instead of the SFU vault client?

The server name is: