Connect to SFU's internal network remotely

Unlike commercial solutions, SFU Virtual Private Network (VPN) does NOT by-pass travel restrictions or re-route traffic. SFU VPN is a way for faculty, staff and graduate students to remotely connect to SFU's internal network using a secure (encrypted) and private connection. It also provides access to SFU systems that are typically inaccessible while working remotely.

SFU VPN is only recommended if you need to:

  • Securely work with confidential SFU data while connected to an unsecured network (such as a Wi-Fi hotspot).
  • Remotely access resources on SFU's internal network (such as shared drives).

Examples of using SFU VPN 

SFU VPN enables:

  • Secure access to departmental file servers (shared drives, Y: drives, shared staff folders, etc.)
  • Remote access to on-campus printers.
  • An encrypted way to access other resources that require an on-campus network connection to use.


SFU VPN does NOT bypass government or service restrictions

For instance, SFU VPN won't help you access websites blocked by national firewalls.


Available to 

Facultystaff, graduate students

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