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Remote desktop

Connecting to on-campus computers remotely

Remote desktop connections are a convenient way to connect to on-campus computers (such as an office PC or Mac) from a remote computer (such as a business laptop at home). 

MFA and SFU VPN are required to access remote desktop:

  1. Be signed in to SFU's virtual private network (SFU VPN) before connecting to an on-campus computer.
  2. Ensure your SFU account is enrolled in multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Connecting to a Windows PC

Available for Windows (remote) to Windows (on-campus), or Mac (remote) to Windows (on-campus).

Connecting to a Mac

For Mac (remote) to Mac (on-campus) only. Connecting from a remote Windows device to a Mac on-campus device is not available at the moment.

Available To

FacultyStaff, Graduate Students

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