Remote Control

This feature allows the host to remotely take control of a participant's desktop in a meeting. It allows for desktop control, application control, and computer restart. 


  • This is only available to faculty and staff
  • You must be the host of a Zoom meeting to use remote control
  • Both the host and participants need to use the Zoom desktop application on Windows or Mac
  • The participant who needs remote support need to share screen

Giving control of your desktop to the host

  1. Click Share Screen in the bottom toolbar
  2. Select Remote Control, and then click Give Mouse/Keyboard Control to “Host” in the pop-up window to give control of their shared screen.

Requesting remote control from the participant

  1. Click Support in the bottom toolbar, and select a type of remote control and a participant.
  2. The participant will get a notification asking if they want to allow the host to control their desktop. After clicking Grant Permission, participant’s full screen will be selected and shared.