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Request for access

Notice: We understand that there is an increase of staff working remotely. For staff who are unable to provide or obtain written signatures on the goSFU Access Form, we are temporarily accepting authorization in the form of a digital signature or email. Please note a form must still be submitted with all of the access request details.

Complete the goSFU Access Form  and submit it to gosfuhelp@sfu.ca. Please allow up to three business days for processing.


Access to goSFU is provided upon request to staff members for the purpose of performing administrative and advising duties.

  • You must be in a temporary or continuing position at SFU.
  • The purpose of your goSFU access request must be related to your position at SFU.
  • Authorization from your Department and the Registrar is required.
  • Access cannot be granted to role accounts.

Not a staff member? See how you can access goSFU.

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Policies & Guidelines

Users who have been granted access to goSFU are responsible for ensuring compliance with the following policy and privacy rules:

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FAQs for Supervisors

  How do I extend my employee's access?

The access that has been assigned to your employee will be disabled as per the end date originally specified on the goSFU access form. An email reminder will be sent to you approximately one week prior to this end date.

To request for an extension of access, contact gosfuhelp@sfu.ca with the employee's new end date. Please be advised the new end date must be reflected in their employment records in order for access to be extended.

  How do I update or remove my employee's access?

If your employee has become continuing or requires a change in access, submit a new goSFU access form to authorize and update their access.

If your employee no longer requires access, contact gosfuhelp@sfu.ca to have the access associated with their previous position removed.