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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Access to the Student Information Management System is subject to Student Services’ confidentiality policy at policies and the privacy rules set out in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. These rules govern appropriate collection (i.e. updating), accuracy, protection, use and disclosure of a student’s personal information recorded on this system. Only employees who need to see this information to do their jobs are permitted access. Employees granted access to this personal information are responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy and privacy rules.

To gain SIMS access, you need to read and understand the SIMS Guidelines, and complete the SIMS Access Request Form and submit to Student Services.

Student Services
3000 level, Maggie Benston Centre
fax: 778.782.4969

To learn more about the SIMS Reporting Database and how to receive access, please navigate to the Reporting Database page.