Student Seminar

Why string theory won’t work?

Friday, 31 January 2020 01:00PM PST
Student Seminar
Ali Mohktari-Jazi
SFU Physics
Why string theory won’t work?
Jan 31, 2020 at 1PM in C9000


Physicists have always been ambitious, and the idea of the theory of everything has always been a dream for most of them. A theory of everything must answer all of the possible questions that might arise about the physical universe. Up to now, string theory is the only theory that claimed that it is a theory of everything. However, it doesn’t claim that the current version of the theory can answer everything, but it asserts the ultimate version of the theory is going to be the theory of everything. In this talk after giving a brief introduction of the theory we discuss problems that arise from it, such as lack of any experimental evidence for the predictions that theory has made as well as falsifiability. Later we explain that there is not a unique solution in order to get the physics we already know, and we argue that most of its solutions are not valid phenomenologically. Finally, we sum up with this conclusion that however, string theory has answered some of the questions, but by introducing new concepts such as extra dimensions and supersymmetry, it introduces deeper questions that answering them is much harder.