Thesis Defense

The influence of crystal electric field on the physical properties of CeCd3X3 (X = P and As)

Obinna Uzoh, SFU Physics
Location: P8445.2

Monday, 15 August 2022 01:30PM PDT


CeCd3As3 and CeCd3P3 compounds that adopt the hexagonal ScAl3C3-type structure are one of the examples of triangular lattice antiferromagnets. These compounds indicate antiferromagnetic ordering below ∼0.5 K. Although the magnetic contribution to the specific heat Cm/T increases significantly below 10 K, the electrical resistivity for CeCd3As3 and CeCd3P3 follows typical metallic behavior inconsistent with Kondo lattice systems. Also, these compounds display huge magnetic anisotropy due to the crystal electric field effect. Thus, it is necessary to undertake a crystal electric field analysis to understand their ground state properties. Based on CEF analysis, the ground state is in mixed states of |}5/2⟩ and | ∓ 1/2⟩, with a dominant | ∓ 1/2⟩ character. The CEF analysis in the presence of molecular field gives a reasonable agreement with experimental data and thus indicates that the moments of the Ce3+ ions in the ab-plane are in close exchange interaction.