Special Event

Out of plane MAE by Tm doped novel 2D semiconductor Bi2−xTmxO2Se

Dr. Dominik Legut , SFU Physics
Location: P8445.2

Thursday, 19 May 2022 01:30PM PDT


For the spintronic applications like large data storages (high capacity HDD) the industry searches for ferromagnetic insulators at nanoscale size. Recently the discovery of Bi2O2Se/Te phases that exist as 2D material and still are semiconducting attract attention. Here we investigate Bi2-xTmxO2Se by transitional metal doping to introduce a magnetic spin order. We explore the electronic and magnetic properties of various ferromagnetic (e.g. Fe) or antiferromagnetic (e.g. Mn) transitional metals doped Bi2O2Se phases within the framework of density functional theory based electronic structure calculations. We start with the magnetic order of the bulk phase in which the magnetic atoms form interlayer coupling that vary with the type and concentration of doped atoms and go towards the nanoscale dimension, i.e. 2D materials. As a result of the competitions of magnetic interactions the magnetic anisotropy energy is a crucial quantity. In combinations with Monte Carlo simulations we are able to solve the exchange interaction constants for the Heisenberg model and therefore evaluate the Curie temperature to see if these types of materials are suitable to become novel dilute magnetic semiconductors for spintronic applications at room and above temperatures.