Quantum BC Seminar

Quantum algorithms now and in the future

Thomas Baker, University of Victoria
Location: Bennett Library 7200

Tuesday, 11 April 2023 02:00PM PDT


Computing has revolutionized the landscape of what is possible in terms of modern technology over the past century. Continuing to improve technologies over the next century offers to improve our technological capabilities as much or more so as has already been done. This would affect everything from medicine to farming yields to battery storage. How a computer is built and what algorithms are best run on it are crucial questions for ensuring that the best and most accurate results are obtained. This talk will focus primarily on how algorithms can be made in two contexts: one for the quantum computer and the other for classical computers. Algorithms to access the most efficient information to describe the many-electron solutions from the quantum computer will be discussed. Additionally, tensor network algorithms that rely on entanglement renormalization, an efficient strategy for physically relevant systems, will be discussed and introduced here. With the best algorithms, it will be possible to push technological advances forward and achieve noticeable improvements in everyday life.