Student Seminar

Micromagnetic simulations: Unlocking the secrets of magnetic materials

Afan Terko, SFU Physics
Location: C9000

Friday, 17 February 2023 01:30PM PST


Micromagnetic simulations are a valuable tool to increase our understanding of nanomagnetic systems and to guide experiments that would otherwise be difficult and expensive to navigate. They allow for the prediction of magnetic properties, visualization of magnetic structures and dynamics, and design optimization of magnetic devices such as hard disk drives, sensors, and memory devices. These simulations save time and resources by reducing the need for physical experimentation and offer insights into complex magnetic behaviour. The Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (LLG) equation is a critical component of micromagnetic simulations and describes the dynamic evolution of magnetization in a magnetic material. This seminar will cover the LLG equation and examine the two main approaches to these simulations: the finite difference and the finite element method. Different software packages used to solve the LLG equation will also be introduced. The importance of micromagnetic simulations in the design and development of magnetic devices will be emphasized, and the steps involved in performing a micromagnetic simulation, from defining the simulation geometry to analyzing the results, will be outlined. The limitations and challenges faced in micromagnetic simulations will also be discussed.