[Postponed] Creating new avenues for teaching and learning within the studio physics model:: An overview of the Fraser International College physics experience

Peter Smith, Fraser International College
Location: AQ 3153

Friday, 20 October 2023 02:30PM PDT


Fraser International College (FIC) is an affiliate of Simon Fraser University and home to over 1500 first-year international students. FIC offers academic programs for international students that give a direct pathway to their second-year studies at SFU. Students within the Engineering and Science streams take at least one of PHYS 140 and PHYS 141 – courses equivalent in scope and breadth to those offered at SFU Surrey and taught in the studio physics model.

Recently, SFU and FIC worked together to update and modernize the curricula and teaching materials of these courses, with a focus on designing activities that reflected advancements in technology and physics-related pedagogy. In this talk, I will offer an overview of the changes made to PHYS 140 and 141 and discuss how they have been implemented in the context of the FIC classroom. Offering activities that promote exploration of physical concepts, problem solving, and practical application of the course materials using current technologies have shown to enhance students’ engagement and satisfaction. In particular, students have responded positively to increased opportunities for hands-on learning and design-based projects, suggesting new avenues for future course development.

For those who can’t make the Colloquia in person, they will also be viewable on Zoom at the following link: