Many-body Conformal Dynamics and Emergent Conformal Dynamics

Fei Zhou, UBC
Location: AQ 3149

Friday, 01 March 2024 02:30PM PST


In generic far-away-from-equilibrium many-body quantum dynamics, Gibbs entropy production is nonzero leading to the irreversibility of many-body unitary dynamics. Unless a quantum system is fully integrable (i.e. with an infinite number of conserved parameters) or infinitely constrained, the irreversibility in non-equilibrium dynamics is very robust.

In this talk, I will discuss a class of fully reversible quantum dynamics that emerge in our recent studies of high dimensional scale invariant interacting quantum gases. I am going to illustrate how the scale-conformal invariance can result in perfectly oscillatory dynamic states of strongly interacting fermions or bosons, similar to a perpetual time crystal. In some cases, such dynamics can also occur as emergent infrared phenomena even when strong interactions break scale symmetry explicitly. Towards the end, I will briefly comment on the imaginary time evolution of primary conformal operators and their connection to the physical dynamics states of many fermions and bosons.


Fei Zhou currently is a Professor of Physics in University of British Columbia. His research interests include strongly interacting quantum many-body physics, the interface between interacting matter and QFT/CFT. He has also been researching topological quantum criticality, an interface of interacting topological matter and QFT/tQFT. He had been a Sloan fellow, CIFAR Fellow and UBC Kilam research fellowship awardee.