D-Wave Offers SFU Physics Undergrads a Close-up View of Quantum Computing

March 20, 2018

In March 2018, SFU Physics undergraduate students visited D-Wave Systems. An international leader in its field, this Burnaby-based quantum computing company was the first to create a commercial quantum computer.

Students were introduced to the quantum mechanical principles that govern the operation of the D-Wave computer, saw computer chips and dilution refrigerators used to cool the computers to close to absolute zero, and learned about how D-Wave scientists are developing tools to test these magnetic-flux-based devices.

The D-Wave tour was organized as a field trip for the Physics 201 Undergraduate Seminar course, which exposes students to opportunities and skills beyond the traditional academic training of their courses. Previous class tours have included: General Fusion, a company developing a plasma-based approach to clean energy; TRIUMF, Canada's national particle physics laboratory; and a virtual visit to the ATLAS control room at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.