SFU Particle Physics Group Observes Vector Boson Fusion Higgs Production in its decays to W bosons for the first time together with the ATLAS collaboration!

May 01, 2021

The discovery of the Higgs boson was a major scientific breakthrough. It is key to our understanding of how fundamental particles acquire their mass. The Higgs and W vector bosons are particularly interesting in this context, as the properties of W boson self-interaction gave credibility to the mechanism that predicted the Higgs boson. 

Zoom photo of SFU Physics PhD Candidates Benjamin Jager and Konstantin Lehmann.

The SFU team, in particular PhD candidate Konstantin Lehmann, PhD candidate Benjamin Jaeger and undergraduate student Adrian Yeung, developed the analysis technique that allowed us to measure this process now with a signal significance of 7 sigma!

Read up on the new result in the ATLAS Physics Briefing:

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