First-year Physics major wins John Pearson Prize

June 27, 2022

Randon Hall, a first-year Physics major, has won the 2022 John Pearson Prize.  This prize is awarded by the BC Association of Physics Teachers (BCAPT) to a promising physics or engineering student who also has a love of the outdoors.

"As I am going into my second year as a university physics student, I am still exploring multiple areas of physics so I am still keeping an open mind. But, I am aiming to one day become a physics researcher, with a focus mainly in particle physics which seems like a very interesting and exciting field. Being a researcher has been a major goal of mine as I hope to contribute to our understanding of the world around us. I am delighted to be the recipient for the 2022 John Pearson Prize. Thank you very much, and I will continue to give it my best in physics.", Randon says about his award.

Regarding his other interests, Randon tells us "Aside from physics, one major passion of mine is swimming, which I have been doing for 12 years. Participating in collegiate swimming at SFU has been a great experience so far, and I am grateful to be a member of SFU's varsity swim team. One hobby of mine is astronomy and astrophotography which I started doing with my family on camping trips. Initially I did visual astronomy and then transitioned to some astrophotography. My other main hobby is playing piano, mostly classical music. "

Randon participated in the Adopt-a-Physicist program and worked with Dr. Matthias Danninger in the Spring.  He is now working with Dr. Steve Dodge this summer.