Karen Kavanagh selected as a Fellow of the MRS

April 20, 2022

Karen Kavanagh has been selected to the class of 2022 Fellows of the Materials Research Society for her work on the formation and characterization of novel electronic materials and interfaces.

This honour celebrates her research on the formation and fundamental properties of material interfaces for electronics conducted over the past 40 years. Her work has had impact on every aspect, including nanofabrication, epitaxial growth, interdiffusion, contacts, dopant-impurity activation, dislocation control, space charge imaging, and local measurements of transport, optical emission, and potential maps. She has fabricated and characterized metal/dielectric, metal/semiconductor and semiconductor/semiconductor interfaces and applied a wide range of sensitive characterization tools, including ion-beam modification and scattering, ballistic electron emission microscopy, electron holography, scanning transmission electron microscopy, and x-ray diffraction. She has investigated material geometries ranging from the planar micron-scale to three-dimensional nanowires to, most recently, single-layer, two-dimensional materials. She has collaborated with numerous international and local researchers with complementary expertise and continues to inspire novel solutions for reliable processing of materials and devices. Congratulations Karen!