ALPHA Collaboration among Top Ten Breakthroughs of the Year

December 08, 2023
Mike Hayden, SFU Professor Emeritus and Senior Researcher at the Alpha Collaboration.

The Alpha Collaboration's recent study on the interaction of antimatter with gravity was selected as of one the Top Ten Breakthroughs of 2023 by Physics World, an international news magazine from the UK Institute of Physics.

SFU Physics Professor Emeritus Mike Hayden and his colleagues in the CERN-based ALPHA Collaboration recently published the results of an experiment they performed in which they directly observed the effect of gravity on the motion of antimatter.  They confirmed that antimatters behaves just like regular matter in a gravitational field -- falling down and not up.

This marks the third time ALPHA has been shortlisted for the Physics World Breakthrough of the Year.  Their publication on laser cooling of antihydrogen in 2021 also made the top ten list, and in 2010 the team won the Overall Breakthrough of the Year for their first trapping of antihydrogen.

The overall winner for 2023 Physics World Breakthrough of the year will be announced on December 14.

See the full list on Physics World and read more about this study on SFU News.  Read the full research article on Nature.