Two Physics Faculty win University Excellence in Teaching Award

March 09, 2023

Drs. Nancy Forde and Joanna Woo from the Department of Physics have both won a 2022 Excellence in Teaching Award. 

Nancy Forde was recognized for adapting to students’ needs through just-in-time teaching, thoughtful assessment, ongoing engagement with improving her courses, and work towards making a hard science more accessible and interesting.  Furthermore, she is a leader both within SFU and in the broader Physics community via her work at conferences.

Joanna Woo won the award in the Early Career category.  She is recognized for her innovative use of technology, dedication to improving her teaching and sharing her experiences with others, and focus on inclusion in a typically male-dominated field.  She is currently experimenting with different approaches to address variation among students in their skills.

Nancy and Joanna will be invited to become inaugural members of NET, the Network for Excellent Teaching, which will provide mentorship and support as well as professional development opportunities.   They will also be invited to the SFU Awards Celebration taking place later on this month.  Congratulations to both!