2024 CAP Fellows

April 26, 2024

The Department of Physics congratulates our 3 recipients of the 2024 Canadian Association of Physicists Fellowships.

The CAP Fellows Program recognizes CAP members who have made significant contributions in physics research, physics teaching, advancement of technology, or service to the CAP. 

The contributions of our three winners were described in the latest edition of CAP Award News:

Karen Kavanagh, Professor at SFU Physics

"In recognition of her contributions to the formation and characterization of novel electronic materials and interfaces and for techniques applied to the nanofabrication of metallic nanohole arrays whose polarization properties help secure Canadian banknotes against counterfeiting; and for service to the Canadian physics community and a dedication to outreach."

Corina Andreoiu, Professor at SFU Chemistry and Associate Member of SFU Physics

"In recognition of her influential contributions to subatomic physics, particularly in advancing the understanding of collective behavior and shape co-existence in nuclei, and for dedication to the Canadian physics community through tireless service to the CAP, the Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics, and TRIUMF"

Gabor Kunstatter, Professor Emeritus at University of Winnipeg and Adjunct Professor of SFU Physics

"In recognition of his outstanding service to the Canadian physics community and leadership in the CAP, and for influential contributions to theoretical physics in the areas of quantum field theory, black holes and quantum gravity."