Stephanie Simmons on Tech Power List

April 17, 2024

Stephanie Simmons, Associate Professor at SFU Physics and Chief Quantum Officer and co-founder of Photonic, was selected as of one Maclean's 100 most powerful Canadian of 2024.

From "The Power List: Tech" on

"Vancouver-based startup Photonic is not the first Canadian contender in the race to build the world’s first usable quantum computer, but it looks like the horse worth betting on. Using the principles of subatomic physics, quantum computing can solve highly complex problems at a speed that makes current laptops look like cave drawings. In 2022, Simmons and her team revealed their game-changing innovation: a silicon chip that holds up to 150,000 quantum bits. You don’t have to know what that means, but Microsoft does. The software giant backed a US$100-million funding round aimed at a commercial product within the next five years. Before then, expect “quantum-ready” to take over as the new unavoidable tech-world jargon."

Read more about Photonic's strategic partnership with Microsoft and the Silicon Quantum Technology Lab's breakthrough which led to it.