David Lee

Research Technician, SFU Trottier Observatory Technician
  • 2022 SFU Staff Achievement Award Recipient - Work Performance
  • SFU Trottier Observatory & Science Courtyard
    • H.D. Trottier et al., Cepheid Variables in the Andromeda Galaxy From Simon Fraser University’s Trottier Observatory, The Journal of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 114 (2) 56 - 66, April 2020.
  • N. R. Forde, D. Lee, and J. Bechhoefer, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) module for advanced undergraduate laboratories, 2018 BFY Proceedings [Baltimore, MD, July 25-27, 2018], edited by M. Eblen-Zayas, E. Behringer, M. Dark McNeese, and E. Geneston, doi:10.1119/bfy.2018.pr.005.