SFU CAN highlights faculty, staff and student efforts to address COVID-19

April 30, 2020

The positive and resourceful manner in which members of the Simon Fraser University community have responded to the challenges posed by COVID-19 has been extraordinary.

In addition to maintaining educational programs, sustaining vital research, and continuing  university services, many SFU faculty, staff and students have stepped up to help address the COVID-19 crisis in the broader communities we serve. Their efforts have been wide-ranging and far-reaching, encompassing contributions such as: sourcing essential medical supplies; advising on public health policy; delivering community educational programming; providing expert media commentary; and facilitating the development of economic recovery strategies.   

In order to recognize and strengthen these efforts, we have launched SFU CAN (SFU COVID-19 Action Now), a university-wide hub for sharing resources, creating networks, and gaining support for those assisting communities to combat this novel corona virus and its consequences.

SFU CAN will record the university community’s work in response to the pandemic and celebrate the contributions of students, alumni, faculty and staff. It will encourage others to join in or contribute to these efforts, and provide opportunities for people across the university to co-ordinate their efforts and to connect with community partners.

It will also enable students to access the resources and supports they need, while learning of opportunities such as co-op and work placements related to COVID-19 research and recovery.

And it will keep the broader community informed of programs and initiatives offered by SFU Public Square, the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, SFU Woodward’s and others, designed to promote social connection, foster dialogue and support community recovery.  

By harnessing our shared strengths to address the challenges generated by this pandemic, SFU can be an important contributor to helping protect and sustain the communities we serve, further demonstrating our value as an engaged university. Yes, SFU CAN