President’s statement on recent incidents of racism and xenophobia

May 13, 2020

Recent reports of anti-Asian racism are deeply disturbing to us at Simon Fraser University. Today, I join with others across Canada and around the world in condemning all forms of racial hatred and discrimination.

It is our obligation, as members of a diverse and vibrant university community, to speak out forcefully against racism and xenophobia, to dispel irrational fears, and to counter discriminatory behaviour against any particular culture or ethnic group.

SFU and its communities benefit from our diversity, and from the countless contributions of Canadians of Asian ancestry. They are our students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, business partners and community leaders. They are generations of citizens who have enriched our culture and helped build our province and our country.

In order to move successfully through and past the COVID-19 crisis, we all must work together with generosity, empathy and informed decisions. There is no place in this shared endeavour for division and discrimination.

I encourage everyone at SFU to use this moment to reaffirm our commitments to combatting racism and celebrating the diversity that makes the fabric of our university – and our country – stronger.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic knows no boundaries, neither does our shared humanity. Let us redouble our efforts to foster a respectful and supportive environment for all people in this country, and for all members of our community.