If your department has suffered a loss in regards to SFU work or an SFU sanctioned event, you may be able to submit a claim for reimbursement through SFU's insurance program.

In the event you are not ready to make a claim but wish to notify us of an incident, please email  and provide the following:

  • Date of incident
  • Where incident occurred
  • What happened
  • SFU Department and your contact information

Note that reimburseable claims generally fall into one of two categories:

Air travel claims

SFU’s Air Travel Cancellation Insurance will reimburse claims in certain circumstances. SFU employees and/or individuals working on behalf of the University do not need to purchase flight cancellation insurance if the flight is associated with University business.

Learn more about coverage and submit a claim.

Property claims

If SFU owned, rented, leased, or borrowed equipment is damaged or stolen, your department can submit a claim to recuperate some or all of the replacement costs. A $1,000 deductible may apply in most cases; however, this is dependent on the circumstances of the loss and at the discretion of Risk Management.

Learn more about coverage and submit a claim.