What is SFU Alerts?

SFU Alerts is a suite of urgent notification systems that allows the university to quickly notify students, faculty and staff using a variety of methods including:

  • Alertus Desktop Notification: pop-up alerts on SFU-managed computers
  • SFU Snap app: 
    • Download SFU snap to receive push notifications on your mobile device
    • Ensure that push notifications are enabled in your phone settings:
    • iPhone: Settings > SFU snap > Notifications > toggle on "Allow Notifications".
    • Android: Settings > Apps > SFU snap > toggle off "Block", toggle on "Priority".
  • SFU Twitter | SFU Website
  • Email notifications to all staff, faculty and students with a current SFU email address.
  • Campus digital Screens located across all three campuses

What's an "urgent" notification?

Urgent notifications include any security or safety situation that requires you to leave or avoid an area of the university.

In the case of closures due to severe weather such as snow, the University community will be advised via email notification, SFU Twitter, the SFU Website, and on-campus digital screens.

Contact Us

For questions or feedback on SFU Alerts, please email SRS Alerts.