Building evacuation

A variety of situations may require building evacuation including fire, hazardous materials release, earthquake and more.  Though the reason for evacuation may not be immediately clear, always evacuate at the sound of an alarm and follow the directions of wardens, building evacuation coordinators, security and first responders.


  • Evacuate when an alarm sounds or when instructed to do so by emergency/safety personnel
  • Exit the building via the nearest safe exit
  • Close doors behind you
  • Proceed to the assembly area
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized by emergency/safety personnel

Building Assembly Area Maps

Review the Assembly Area maps by campus and building below. You may also download a printable (PDF) version of the maps. 

Note: These maps are updated often due to construction. Please check back frequently.

Download the PDF (printable) version of the maps per campus below:  


If you observe a hazard that may require evacuation, notify your supervisor and contact Campus Security.  

Mobility challenges

Important: If you are an SFU staff or faculty with mobility related disabilities, you are encouraged to share this information with your Building Evacuation Coordinator (BEC) who can arrange some assistance for you in an event of an evacuation. If you don't know who your BEC is, send an email to  

  • If you are on the ground floor/viable emergency exit to the outside: Exit via the nearest emergency exit and proceed to the assembly area.
  • All other floors: Proceed to the nearest area of refuge. At SFU, there are stairwells that are designated as being fireproof to act as an area of refuge. Once you have arrived at the area of refuge, ensure that the door is closed and wait for the Fire Department to come to you.

Mass evacuation – Burnaby campus

Review mass evacuation procedures for Burnaby campus in the event a hazard requires temporary and rapid removal of everyone from the campus.

Volunteer as an Emergency Warden

We are looking for more Emergency Warden volunteers. If you are an SFU faculty & staff who would like to volunteer, please email   

For all Emergency Wardens:

The Emergency Warden Training Course provides information about the roles and responsibilities of all wardens, as well as evacuation procedures. This online course is free, self-pace, and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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