To support SFU travelers in their preparations for going abroad, a briefing may be offered either by your department, International Services for Students, or through Safety and Risk Services.

Generally, the following topics are covered:

  • University resources
  • Insurance and waivers
  • Government-issued advisories and how they affect your plans
  • General travel tips
  • Other perspectives
  • Medical risks and mitigation strategies
  • Security risks and mitigation strategies
  • Emergency planning
  • Additional resources

How to request

To inquire about a customized briefing, please contact us at or 778-782-3560.

SFU has partnered with International SOS, to provide SFU travelers with 24/7 medical, security, and logistical expertise before, during and after international trips. Travelers can contact International SOS for any health, travel security or personal safety concerns, for routine advice, emotional support or emergency assistance using SFU’s Membership Number (27ACAS593560) by:

  • Phone: +1-215-942-8478
  • Download the Assistance App or log into the Members’ Page to browse through various medical and security online tools and sign up for alerts

Other Resources

We recommend that you review additional safety resources when planning for your international experience: