Property claims

Theft or damage claims

SFU property

If SFU owned, rented, leased or borrowed equipment is damaged or stolen, your department can submit a claim to potentially recuperate some or all of the replacement costs (subject to review). A $1,000 deductible applies in most cases; however, this is dependent on the circumstances of the loss and at the discretion of Risk Management.

If your department experiences a theft, report the incident to Campus Security immediately via the non-emergency line: 778.782.7991.

Non-SFU property

Non-University owned vehicles, equipment and other personal items are not eligible for reimbursement.

These items often can be claimed through your own insurance policies (i.e. ICBC, home or tenants policies). If you believe that your situation warrants a special exception, please contact

Submit a claim

To initiate a claim, send the following information to Risk Management:

  • SFU security reference number, and if relevant any police or other reference numbers
  • Photographs of the damaged equipment and/or or incident location, if available
  • If the item was damaged or stolen from an off-campus location, or in unusual circumstances, provide evidence that the item was being used for an SFU authorized activity
  • Copies of documentation showing the original purchase price, such as receipts/purchase orders, quotes for repair/replacement, or other evidence showing the value of the item

After Risk Management has accepted the claim and authorized the purchase of replacement items the department should use normal purchasing practices to order new equipment. Reimbursement will be arranged once the SFU FAST accounting statement showing payment for replacement items has been received by Risk Management.

Note: Do not dispose of any damaged equipment until directed in writing to do by Risk Management. Doing so may mean that SFU cannot investigate the causes of any loss. This may void your claim and mean that SFU cannot pursue action against any responsible third parties.