Faculty & staff

Traveling with students

When traveling with students, faculty and staff should be aware of their responsibilities and utilize the programs resources to ensure a safe trip. Visit our Get Started page under Activity Leaders for more information. 

Safety issues raised by students should be dealt with in a serious and timely manner. It is strongly recommended to conduct ongoing risk assessments during the trip to avoid and/or mitigate risk.

Incident reporting

All health and safety incidents, including near misses, must be reported to the involved person’s supervisor and online though the SFU Health & Safety Incident Reporting System within 24 hours of the incident occurring. If the involved or injured person is unable to complete the report, it may be filled out by the person's supervisor or another individual with knowledge of the incident.

Considerations for researchers when traveling abroad

When traveling internationally for research purposes, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with international travel and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your research while abroad. The Travel Security Guide for University Researchers and Staff describes the nature of economic and geopolitically motivated threats to you or your research, provides basic steps you can take to mitigate risk and suggests actions you can take in the event of an incident. Risks can emerge as a result of how a research topic intersects with domestic and international economic, political, and strategic interests. Mitigating Economic and/or Geopolitical Risks in Sensitive Research Projects provides practical advice and best practices to undertake an economic and geopolitical risk assessment and mitigate key risks.

Field research

Researchers who authorize field research activities are required to assess the risks of the research activities, mitigate those risks, ensure researchers have the appropriate training to undertake the work tasks, and adequate personal protective equipment. Review the Guidelines for Safety in Field Research and generate a Safety Planning Record prior to departure.


The following resources are available to SFU faculty and staff when travelling for University activities:

  • Register with the SFU Travel Registry
  • Access free health, safety and security services through International SOS with your Membership #: 27ACAS593560 before, during, and after your travel
    • Phone: +1-215-942-8478
    • Download the Assistance App or log into the Members’ Page to browse through various medical and security online tools and sign up for alerts
  • Utilize SFU’s TravelSmart Program offered through Procurement to book your travel
  • Receive support completing a Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan by contacting srs_ts@sfu.ca
  • Learn about travel health, safety and security topics in preparation for your trip
  • Obtain and update applicable travel waivers through risk_srs@sfu.ca
  • Learn about key recommendations when travelling with technology