Faculty & staff

To prepare for your trip, first review the general resources on our pre-departure page. Here are some additional resources depending on your travel type or activity:

Traveling with students

When traveling with students, faculty and staff should be aware of their responsibilities and utilize the program resources to ensure a safe trip. Safety concerns raised by students about a particular activity/task should be dealt with in a serious and timely manner. The faculty or staff member must resolve safety concerns and explain the control measures taken to eliminate or reduce the risk of the activity/task. It is strongly recommended to conduct ongoing risk assessments during the trip to eliminate or reduce risk. To receive support completing a risk assessment, contact srs_ts@sfu.ca.

Incident reporting

All health and safety incidents, including near misses, must be reported to the involved person’s supervisor and online though the SFU Health & Safety Incident Reporting System within 24 hours of the incident occurring. If the involved or injured person is unable to complete the report, it may be filled out by the person's supervisor or another individual with knowledge of the incident.

Before you depart, ensure that you are aware of how to receive assistance in the event of an emergency.

Field research

Researchers who authorize field research activities are required to assess the risks of the research activities, mitigate those risks, ensure researchers have the appropriate training to undertake the work tasks, and adequate personal protective equipment. Research team members should be informed of the risks.

Review the SFU Field Activity Safety Guidelines and generate a Field Safety Plan prior to departure.

SFU TravelSmart Program

Utilize SFU’s TravelSmart Program offered through Procurement to book your travel. The TravelSmart Program provides a single platform where SFU staff and faculty can obtain specially discounted travel costs for both professional and personal journeys as well as simultaneously book flights, hotels and rental vehicles. Faculty and staff who have booked their travel through the TravelSmart Program and have agreed to share their trip information with ISOS Tracker will automatically be registered in the Travel Registry.