Trades safety

Safety Footwear

The purpose of the Safety Footwear Program is to provide guidance, instruction, and the requirements
to ensure SFU employees are protected from potential work-related foot injuries. The Safety Footwear Program emphasizes prevention, awareness, guidance and compliance with SFU specific and WorkSafeBC requirements. Employees who are risk of work-related injuries must first review the SFU Safety Footwear Program with their direct Supervisor or Manager.  If all the requirements specified in the program are met, employees can submit a safety footwear risk assessment form (for first time claim) or safety footwear renewal request form (for request replacement).

Submission of the online risk assessment or renewal request form and approval from EHS is required PRIOR to purchasing safety footwear.

To learn how to access, complete and submit your SFU Safety Footwear Risk Assessment or SFU Safety Footwear Renewal Request, please select, download and watch the following short instructional videos below.