All LJHSC and CUHSC members are entitled to eight hours of leave per year to attend occupational health and safety training. Additionally, a member of the committee may designate another member as being entitled to take all or part of the member’s educational leave.

This educational entitlement can be met by taking EHS safety committee training courses on Canvas and suitable training from external providers.

The University will provide the educational leave without loss of pay or other benefits and will pay for, or reimburse the worker for, the costs of the training course and the reasonable costs of attending the course.

SFU Safety Committee Training

EHS has developed numerous Canvas courses for safety committee members ranging from mandated introductory topics to more specific awareness courses to aid in completion of safety committee activities. 

Mandatory Introductory Courses

As per British Columbia's legislative requirements, all new safety committee members must receive 8 hours of training on the following topics: 

  • The duties and functions of a joint committee
  • The rules of procedure of the joint committee
  • The requirements around conducting incident investigations
  • The requirements around conducting regular workplace inspections, and how to make regular inspections
  • The requirements around responding to a refusal of unsafe work
  • The requirements for annually evaluating the joint committee

EHS has developed three introductory training courses to cover this content: 

Training Course Estimated completion time

When is it offered?

Valid for

How to register

Safety Committee Foundations

1.5 hours

Ongoing enrollment 3 years
Safety Inspection Training 1 hours Ongoing enrollment 3 years
Incident Investigation Training 1 hours Ongoing enrollment 3 years

In-person Incident Investigation & Safety Inspection training sessions are offered each semester to supplement knowledge from the Canvas courses and provide practical experience for new committee members. Each in-person course is approximately 2 hours in length. 

****  Upcoming in-person training ****

Please contact about upcoming in-person training sessions.

Safety Awareness Courses

These courses have been developed to provide safety committee members with a basic understanding of committee roles and specific topics to aid in performing inspections and participating in incident investigations. 

Training Course Estimated completion time

When is it offered?

Valid for

How to register

Safety Committee Co-Chair Training  1.5 hours Ongoing enrollment 3 years
Fire & Electrical Safety Awareness 1.5 hours Ongoing enrollment 3 years
Laboratory Safety Inspection Training 1 hour Ongoing enrollment 3 years
WHMIS 2015 Awareness 1 hour Ongoing enrollment 3 years

External Training

Safety committee members are welcome to explore training courses from external providers for topics not already covered in the SFU training offerings. Check out the document below for a list of recommended providers and courses.

* 2024.External HS Training.pdf
Recommended External Health & Safety Training Providers and Courses

Steps for taking external training courses

  1. Identify a training need and research a provider who offers a suitable course.
  2. Receive approval from supervisor & support from local safety committee.
  3. Complete the request form below and submit to Safety & Risk Services by emailing to
  4. Receive approval from SRS for the course prior to registering for the course.
  5. Register for the course.
  6. Upon completion, submit proof of completion (e.g., certificate) and payment to SRS for reimbursement.
* Safety Cmt Edu Leave Request form.pdf
Safety Committee Member Educational Leave Request Form